Who are THEY

They say time heals all wounds

Who are THEY

Have THEY experienced pain

Have THEY experienced loss

Are THEY facing hardship and heartache

Or are THEY simple “saying”

It’s so easy to “say” things when not walking the road the other person is walking

It’s so easy to glibly expect people to move on or get over themselves so to speak

THEY love to say we should work harder at moving on


How do you move on, where do you move to, who do you move with

Do you do this alone? And if so, what is the next step

Pain is s throb that stays in  your heard, throbs in your ears, screams at your heart, moves through your gut, cools and heats your skin at the same time, pain

Do THEY know this pain, this loss, this debilitating, excruciating pain..

I wonder… do THEY


Sugar Free Struggle Continued

So, on the 7th of September 2015, with the help of a few amazing friends, I started a new lifestyle of working at being sugar free, after all, we hear so much about how bad sugar is for you. We started out with each of us wanting to lose some weight, I have evolved it into wanting to start a sugar free lifestyle.

After about a week of this, have cheated in between, had a little cake here and there, a chocolate here and there and so on…. I started feeling so much better, have more energy, feel motivated to do things rather than just be a couch potato and seem to be up earlier in the morning, like now for instance :).

The last two days have been a bit of a bummer though, had doughnuts and sugar in my coffee on Sunday, had rice, potatoes and pasta as well, then yesterday, I had two chocolates, one being slab mind you.  Think it could be PMS (hopefully this is not an excuse).

Since yesterday i have been back to being lethargic, Eish!  And my face… yesterday I had this strange rash on my face, this morning I have pimples….

The Glamour Boys (thats what they called themselves) 1970 traffic officers

January 1970 they were appointed as control officers (traffic officers). 23rd June 1972 they  graduated as official traffic office (could not be called that at first because they were mos coloured man)

These were the first “none white” traffic officers appointed in South Africa.

Story told by my dad- Stephen Neville le Roux (daughter Denise Nordquist)

Bizzare Tourist Attractions

Bubble Ally – located in California, is a 21 m long wall located between two building decorated with wads of bubblegum – hmm can’t be too hygenic

The Crazy Horse Memorial –  located in South Dakota, depicts the face of Crazy Horse who took up arms against the US for invading his people’s land

The Catacombs of Paris – beneath the city is hidden a winding labyrinth of death and decay.